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English, Spanish & French speaking.

My philosophy...

“Live presently, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think fluidly, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”

A proud Canadian citizen with deep connections to various cultural influences, I hail from Argentina with an extensive global footprint, having extended stays in Brazil, Spain, Poland, and France. My formal educational journey spans Business Marketing, Mental Health for Youths, and diverse Meditation practices from Eastern + Western approaches. I have a relentless inquisitive nature to explore and understand the human condition.

As a big dreamer who moves forward in small steps, my professional journey started in print marketing and sales, eventually finding myself at a distinguished Toronto Ad agency in the 90's. There, I planned and executed multi-million dollar media campaigns for clients like Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC), Suzuki Motors, and The National Ballet of Canada. Despite early success, the stress of the advertising industry's low-conscious culture compelled me to cease old expectations and pivot into new goals. Upon a dedicated multi year long therapy filled growth spurt. I emerged as a freelance marketer and technical writer for those I encountered and resonated with.  Delightfully infusing purpose, meaning, and responsibility into my new way of working, thinking and being. Delving into the realm of alternative therapies and holistic wellness, I dedicated myself to researching and advocating mental health options beyond conventional norms.

With over 11 curated websites, 1000's of produced marketing assets (social media and some!) along with event marketing of 20+ promotional events. I possess an understanding on how to nurture small start-ups  and help them effectively communicate niche messages to target audiences.  25+ years elevating small businesses and self-employed individuals has taught me a few things of use for those of interest.  

A few media moments during these times...

CBC Dragon's Den appearance for here.

Rogers TV Toronto Speaks appearance for Healthy Friendships...go here

Rogers TV Toronto Speaks appearance for Healthy Divorces...go here

A special pro bono project...go here.

In the early stages of the pandemic, I opened SIÉNTATE (sit down in Spanish), an innovative pop-up marketing boutique in Toronto's west end, offering various well-researched wellness products tailored to mental health. Learn more reading the Financial Post article...go here   In the winter of 2022, I left the hustling city life, closing the storefront and settling in a tree-filled nook by Georgian Bay with my partner Danial. Embracing the simplicity and charm of country living, I prioritize cherished visits from my adult children, Mya and Nolan. My days are now dedicated to channeling my passions, expressing emotions, and fostering positive creativity.

I am currently crafting my series of Connection through Conversation Series which includes "Bed Time Share-Time".A guided Q&A for bedtime fun. Discover more by clicking here.

My core mission is to inspire positive progressive actions and guide those with interest towards personalized success.

I am rooted in integrity, transparency, and above all, sincerity.

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